About Us

About Us

Arike Tejarat Vista Co. is a reputable pharmaceutical Company in the Iranian Pharmaceutical Market , which has been founded and registered in 12th of January 2014 in the Iranian Companies’ Registration Authority under the reg. number of 448483 and National ID Number of 14003844678 and has been officially licensed by the Food and drug Organization of the Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 17th February 2015 , to Produce and Import Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Biological Products. Arikeh Tejarat Vista Co. aims to create new capacities in the various sectors of production, import and export of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biological products, pharmaceutical raw materials and medical equipment to fulfill the needs and demands of the Iranian Medical & Health Society. Also we plan to expand our services to provide patients with easy access to all needed medicines, especially scarce medicines, urgent prescriptions and distributing them around the country with the help of top leading Iranian pharmaceutical distribution Companies .

At the general Assembly of the company which was held after the change of shareholders on 8th of March 2019, the new Managing Director and CEO and members of the Board were elected for two years. Currently, Arikeh Tejarat Vista Co. has been issued as representative and agent of more than 12 pharmaceutical Companies from different countries worldwide, including the United States , France ,germany , italy, england, portugal, belgium, india, turkey.

Our managers and staff have been well-trained and motivated with a recognized responsibility for their business. We have always established our strategy on supplying the countries’ pharmaceutical requirements from reliable foreign sources, and expansion of the production of high-tech pharmaceuticals domestically licensed by international reliable brands, with regular planning and pursuit of the following goals:

  • Emergency prescriptions’ imports based on WHO guidelines and requirements
  • Delivery and appropriate supply of marketed items
  • Participating in the Tenders held by the Iranian F.D.O and obtaining the appropriate share of imported items, which has been one of the company's main achievements and honors.
  • Planning for import and under license production of vaccines and biological products required for the country's comprehensive vaccination.
  • Provision of latest Dermatological Pharmaceuticals and Aesthetic & Cosmetic products from reputable International producers, and considering the highest standard compliances of the Iranian F.D.O.
  • Provision of Medical devices and consumables , especially dialysis machines , dialyzers and dialysis sets and consumables

We hope we can achieve these goals and also see a remarkable improvement in the quality and quantity of pharmaceuticals and health services due to our continuous efforts in our country Iran.

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